Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2024 – 2025

We have posted some of the greatest upcoming smartphones to be launch in  2021. The devices are just going to be the best version of their own. They are just going to rock the technology World with their impressive features, awesome quality, and uniqueness. The smartphones will have some signature specifications which will differentiate them from each other. Due to the market competition, the companies are just trying their best to be the market leader of the upcoming smartphones in 2021. That is the particular reason that we are getting daily new innovations from different brands.


Check These Best Upcoming Mobile Phones in 2021


Samsung Galaxy Note20

Samsung is the World’s second-largest and richest smartphone maker, in the past few years they have come up with some awesome smartphones like Galaxy S9, Note10, Galaxy S10, and the latest Galaxy S20 series. Now its time for the next big thing from Samsung is expected to be the Galaxy Note20.

A recent report from South Korea is claiming that Samsung will be launching its new device on August 5. Previously there have been several reports about the delay Galaxy Note20 series due to COVID 19 but after this report its looks that they are not going to be stopped by this Pandemic.

However, it is too early to expect this smartphone because Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S20 series, and after the success of the previous series smartphones, they are now working hard for the Galaxy Note20 series. It is the device that they are going to launch to compete with Apple’s next-gen called iPhone 12 in 2021.

There are few rumors in the market that it will have an on-screen fingerprint scanner and it could be the costliest Note series smartphone till yet because of the Corona Virus all of the smartphone makers are hit hard and the cost of production has increased.

The device is expected to have a Snapdragon 875 processor with 6, 8, and 12 GB of RAM variants. For the storage, you can expect the up to 1TB and the lowest variant will offer 128GB inbuilt space. For the optics, you can expect top-notch awesome quad cameras that will be capable of shooting HDR+ videos out of the box from this device. In terms of design, it is going to be the best bezel-less upcoming smartphone from Samsung and the screen ratio will be more than 95% this time.

A trusted site SamMobile has spotted a so-called teaser of the Note20 on a Galaxy Store teaser image. Now as you can look above at the image it feels very similar to the Note10 device and has noticeably few differences like now there are no physical buttons seen on the device’s right-hand-side along with a major change that this time it packs no Infinity-O display with a punch-hole camera. It can be now supposed that Samsung is moving toward an all-screen smartphone. However, there is nothing yet confirm about the device these all are rumors, for now, let us know what you think about this device in the comments.

iPhone X13 or X2 (2021)

So we all have witnessed the current iPhones from Apple named iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 series. The iPhone XS series is the successor of iPhone X and XII will successor of the iPhone 11 series if we talk about iPhone XS, XS Max, and 11, they are flagship devices from Apple. The iPhone XS and iPhone 11 series comes with a pure bezel-less screen like iPhone X and the most powerful processor ever in a smartphone.

It is rumored that there is more than one upcoming smartphone expected from Apple in 2021. However, we have no clue that what is it going to be like, some say that it will be a pure notch-less screen or some say that they may introduce a dual-screen with the next iPhone.  But recently leaked render is claiming to be a notch-less device out of the box, you can look above.

In terms of pricing, yes, of course, the bigger one will cost you more than the smaller ones, but there will be a cheaper variant too which will launch after this iPhone 12 series called iPhone SE 2 Plus you can read separately about this device below.

A new report is also suggesting that the upcoming iPhone will have 5G connectivity also Apple is rumored to be working on a complete design change of 2021 iPhones. Apple is also working on a new camera setup that will be fitted on the top of the notch and that somehow also confirm the removal of the notch on upcoming iPhones.

This year’s iPhone is also expected to be portless, which means you will get no port with the upcoming iPhones, it means the phone will totally depend on wireless charging. And still, it is not clear about the type of wireless charging features they are going to give, but we expected to be faster and smoother ever. Regarding connectivity to other non-Apple devices it’s still not there. But there are apps that are made for just that like Airbeam. It allows you to screen mirror your iPhone to an LG TV.

OnePlus 9

OnePlus is one of the best value from money device makers in the world and also one of the trusted brands. They are new to the market but very experienced in delivering quality smartphones out of the box. So the OnePlus 9 is going to be the successor of the OnePlus 8 series, we can expect some of the best modification ever in this smartphone.

For the specifications, the rumor says that it will have a 6.5 or bigger AMOLED display. The OnePlus 9 will get the same Snapdragon 875 processor with Adreno 680 GPU this time. It is expected to come with 8GB and 12GB of RAM variants.

In the optics department, we can expect some upgrades if we compare it with the current OnePlus 8’s cameras. The rumor also says that it will run on the latest Android version and its battery will be supported by a wireless and a manual charger.

The phone is expected to arrive in the 1st quarter of 2021. But still, we can’t comment on it according to the latest hints from the web might see an e-SIM card feature on it where you don’t need to insert a physical SIM card, there will be an embedded chip and you just need to choose a telecom operator on it. Rest do let us know in the comments sections what you are thinking about this smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Phone



After getting almost kicked from the market now the company is in rumors to launch a smartphone which is named as Microsoft Surface phone. The smartphone will be the next flagship device from Microsoft, earlier they sold out Nokia to HMD a Finland-based company, so this will be a complete Microsoft’s own product. Until now, we have heard about some mind-blowing specifications related to this smartphone.

As we all know, Nokia makes the best high-quality smartphones that last for years, and after the takeover of Nokia by Microsoft, this technique of manufacturing high-quality hardware (phone) has transferred to Microsoft. We have seen some earlier smartphones with Nokia’s Hardware and Microsoft’s Software combination like the one we saw in Lumia series phones.

So without wasting much time, let’s quickly rush towards some rumored specifications which are coming in this smartphone. It will be boosted by an Intel processor, which is said to be more powerful than any other Snapdragon processors in the market. With the help of the Intel processor, the Surface Phone will be able to run 32bit Windows stuffs on the device itself.

It will sports a Quad HD screen with (2560 x 1440 pixel) resolution, and for screen protection, it will come with ClearBlack Gorilla Glass latest protection to date. The most amazing part of any of the smartphone is its camera section.

It is expected to be packed with a 21-Megapixel PureView camera with Zeiss 6-lens, now that looks better if compared with other future smartphones, and for the front, it will have a 16-megapixel Zeiss wide-angle lens, for wider selfies and superb quality.

A recent report by TheVerge says that from their source they come to know that Microsoft is confirmed working on a smartphone project called “Andromeda”, which means there is something cooking. But we still there is no official confirmations from the company itself which makes us more excited about the smartphone.

Google Pixel 5

Pixel 4 Series

Pixel 4 Series

The year 2019 is going to be very tuff for Google because already there are many good smartphones in the market impressing the audience. So the Pixel 4 by Google is made out of the world phone from the company. We had seen its previous series smartphones and they really do very good work in terms of smartphone optimizations, from the camera to the processors of the phones are well optimized. But from past years we aren’t able to see a good design from the company, however, they tried their best to transform its current Pixel 4 series of smartphones, and this time they really look gorgeous in terms of design.

The next device called Pixel 5 is going to be more futuristic and is expected to have some serious design changes.

In terms of specifications, it is expected to have the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor. It will come with dual cameras both at the front and rear and Google devices have the best cameras, so the Pixel 4 is going to be an all-time legend camera phone. It will come in different variants like Pixel 3 and 3XL had so we can expect the different sizes of screen displays.

iPhone SE 2 Plus (Launching in 2021)

iPhone SE Plus upcoming smartphones

We were the first to report an update about iPhone SE 2 back in 2018, at that time Apple canceled its decision. But Ming-Chi Kuo who is an analyst at TF International Securities predicted that iPhone SE 2 is going to be a reality soon and the phone will launch before Q1 of 2021 and he was very right.

Apple has finally launched its much-awaited iPhone SE 2 aka iPhone SE 2021 with some of the impressive specifications and a smaller design as expected. If we look at the specs of the previous device it comes with a powerful Bionic A13 Chip coupled with 3GB of RAM. It packs a 4.7-inch beautiful display and offers a 12MP rear camera. There are also 64GB of internal storage and a 1960mAh battery.

However, it is also being said that the company is working on a successor to the iPhone SE 2 (2021) as iPhone SE 2 Plus. But some recent report is also stating that it is postponed till 2021 and the exact release date is still unknown.

If iPhone SE 2 Plus happened it can be backed with an iPhone 8 like body and design. This phone is expected to have a 5.5-inch Retina HD display which is bigger than iPhone SE 2021’s display, which means that Apple is trying to give a bigger alternative to its budget smartphone. It will also be coming with a lot more upgrade than the previous variant.

Samsung Galaxy (Fold 3) in 2021

The Phone is obviously going to be priced crazily like the other galaxy fold devices. But as per the latest info, they are going to release a few low-end variants of the device too. Now foldable phone technology is growing so it is becoming cheaper and in 2021 there will be a lot more devices in foldable segments from other companies too. That’s why Samsung is rumored to introduce Galaxy Z Fold Lite and Galaxy Z Fold S along with the Z Fold 3. That will be really interesting to check out, how these budget devices are going to be and performing out of the box. I am also sure that Chinese companies are going to ruin the market with the cheap foldable device too.

This time on the top of the device you will find ultra-thin glass instead of plastic film on the top. They will launch the two variants of the device 4G and 5G both will be capable of shooting 8K videos out of the box.

A rumor also suggested that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 might come with an S Pen and there are possibilities to be a notch-less device this time.

The second screen on the phone looks much wider and futuristic compared to the previous variant that has a smaller one. The price is expected to be somehow near to the previous Fold device. But one thing is clear that this device is going to be a game-changer in the market and a tough competitor to companies like Apple, Huawei OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

We Update This Post Regularly whenever we get any new Leaks and rumors about upcoming smartphones in 2021.

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