Samsung Booked Patents for Foldable tablet displays May come in 2016

Samsung has two or three new patents that are both interesting and obvious. And now They simply protected the foldable display, which is nothing unexpected, since they are at the cutting edge of flexible display tech advancement.

Samsung Wins and approved Patent for Foldable TV and/or Tablet including an OLED or LCD Display. A twist is that Samsung Is Looking for not only foldable or an OLED display, but an LCD one, which will be the size of its Galaxy tablets. The other patent Samsung is securing is for invisible buttons.

The application has been filed out last year, and approve on July the 7th. But in light with the CEO tipped that next year we may disclose foldable device become reality. So at the next year 2016, we may see the upcoming devices from Samsung which includes flexible or we can say foldable display technology. Where the people thinking that apple will be first in this segment but it looks Samsung is winning here. We can not say about the apple upcoming devices with the foldable display but Samsung is on the way.

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