iPhone Se 2 is not all Over, Apple got huge plans for India

So we have been reporting pretty clearly about the iPhone SE 2 leaks from past 1 year. However, we are not the only one to do so, there are many other reputed sources that are claiming the existence of the new iPhone SE 2. But now there is a cancellation report from Olixar via Forbes, which we believe is 100% true, and that brings no surprise for us because we were already denying in our previous posts, about so-called bezel-less notch design on a budget iPhone SE. We had earlier informed that notch and bezel-less design is not possible, which you can read here.

We have recently witnessed some concept images of the upcoming iPhone SE Plus or SE 2 by sites. These images are showing a bezel-free or less design like the flagship iPhone X. However, the images are totally fantasized, we all know that iPhone SE is a budget smartphone from Apple and the successor will also be a budget device.

Providing a bezel-less design will make the price higher like the iPhone X, and that they really don’t want. Like we have iPhone 8, the successor of iPhone 7 comes with some minor changes in design, that’s the thing Apple will follow with SE’s successor too.

Also, we were claiming that a budget iPhone will be made in India according to a trusted source, and in our previous post, we have already mentioned that the budget iPhone SE is delayed and we will soon publish a full report on this after collecting all the information. So Apple officials had many rounds of meeting with Indian government officials from 2017, they were demanding some tax relief, but the government did not provide as per their expectations. So now they are building some huge factories in Karnataka, the government wants manufacturing in India here only and for that, they are also giving tax benefits to companies, so for no surprise, Apple is building huge factories in south India. While we are already aware that it’s not their debut they are already doing it yes they are already manufacturing the budget iPhone SE in India. And extending factories mean that they have really huge plans for India.

And we still have strong information that there will a budget iPhone for India, which will be purely manufactured in India and later will be exported to other countries, in our first report we discussed that India is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, and will hold the 1st position crown in the near future. It has the huge demand for budget smartphones and many companies are making huge profit from the industry. So that makes sense too that Apple doesn’t want to lose one of the world largest markets. Recently the Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung has opened World’s largest mobile manufacturing factory in India with “make for the world” initiative.

Apple might start assembly of their smartphones except for the iPhone X, from this year. Yes, budget iPhone SE is delayed for now, because for this year they wanted to start the assembly of their smartphones like iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus. For their focus is to start assembling of their all products in India that be the reason that they will not work on a budget iPhone, but when their new factories are ready to function then we might see some India exclusive iPhone from Apple. The new factories are expected to start functioning from early 2019.

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