HMD Global Teases Upcoming Smartphone with 108-Megapixel Dual Rear Cameras

HMD Global, the Finnish company behind Nokia smartphones, is building anticipation for its upcoming smartphone, set to launch after revealing plans in September last year. While the official moniker and release date remain undisclosed, an alleged marketing render of the mysterious HMD handset has surfaced on the internet, offering a sneak peek into its design and camera capabilities.

Cyan Colorway and Dual Rear Camera Setup:
The leaked render, shared by Suomimobiili, suggests a striking cyan color option for the HMD smartphone. The image showcases a woman seated over the device, featuring prominent HMD branding on the rear. Notably, the smartphone exhibits a dual rear camera setup housed within a rectangular-shaped camera bump, accompanied by an LED flash. The camera island details hint at a powerful 108-megapixel primary rear sensor equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS). The design elements, including a potential plastic panel, align with previous leaks.

Nokia’s Official Website Spotting and 404 Error:
The leaked image reportedly made a brief appearance on Nokia’s official website, adding an extra layer of credibility. However, as of the time of writing, attempting to access the URL led to a 404 error, adding an air of mystery to the upcoming HMD handset.

Display Sneak Peek and Codename N159V:
Earlier this month, another leaked render provided a glimpse of the display of the rumored HMD phone, showcasing a sleek black colorway. With the codename N159V, details regarding the phone’s official name and launch date remain elusive.

HMD Global’s Expansion Plans:
HMD Global’s CEO, Jean-Francois Baril, had announced in September the company’s plans to expand its portfolio with a new HMD brand, coexisting alongside the well-known Nokia handsets. This move follows HMD Global’s successful launch of its first phone, the Nokia 6, in 2017.

As the anticipation builds around HMD Global’s upcoming smartphone, the leaked render hints at an impressive design and a robust camera system. The company’s foray into a new brand promises innovation and diversity within its product lineup. Stay tuned for official announcements as HMD Global prepares to add another chapter to its smartphone legacy.

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