Best apps to compare hotel prices in 2024

  • Why it’s great: has lots of hotel options and is easy to use. You can cancel easily, and people really like the detailed info and reviews.
  • Think of it like: It’s like having a big book of hotels where you can pick and choose easily. If your plans change, no worries – you can cancel without any hassle.
  • Good Things:
    • Extensive hotel options.
    • Easy-to-use interface.
    • Flexible cancellation options.
    • Detailed information and reviews.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Prices may vary, and not always the cheapest.


  • Why it’s great: Expedia gives you deals where you can book your flight and hotel together. They also have a special club for loyal users and lots of reviews to help you decide.
  • Think of it like: It’s like a travel buddy that helps you save money by getting your flight and hotel in one go. Plus, it rewards you for being a loyal friend.
  • Good Things:
    • Bundle deals for flights and hotels.
    • Loyalty program for frequent users.
    • Abundant user reviews for decision-making.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Occasional glitches in the app.

  • Why it’s great: is cool because you get a free night after staying for a certain number of nights. They also have last-minute deals, and their app is really easy to use.
  • Think of it like: It’s like a hotel superhero that rewards you with a free night. And if you decide to go on a trip suddenly, it’s got you covered with great last-minute deals.
  • Good Things:
    • Straightforward rewards program.
    • Last-minute deals available.
    • User-friendly app design.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Rewards program excludes some properties.


  • Why it’s great: Trivago helps you compare hotel prices from different places. It’s simple and makes sure you see all the options.
  • Think of it like: It’s like a super helpful friend who shows you all the prices from different shops so you can pick the best one.
  • Good Things:
    • Efficient meta-search engine.
    • Easy comparison of hotel prices.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Some users find the ads annoying.


  • Why it’s great: Kayak is like your travel search engine. It finds you great deals, lets you set price alerts, and even helps you discover new places.
  • Think of it like: It’s like having a super-smart travel guide who finds you the best deals and suggests cool places to visit.
  • Good Things:
    • Comprehensive search capabilities.
    • Price alerts and explore features.
    • User-friendly interface.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Occasionally slow to load.

Google Travel

  • Why it’s great: Google Travel is like having everything in one place. It helps you plan your trip, shows you prices, and even puts it on a map for you.
  • Think of it like: It’s like having a personal assistant for your trip – it keeps everything organized and makes planning easy.
  • Good Things:
    • All-in-one travel planning.
    • Integrated price insights and maps.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Limited hotel options compared to specialized apps.


  • Why it’s great: TripAdvisor has tons of reviews from people who have been to the hotels. It’s like asking friends for advice.
  • Think of it like: It’s like having a bunch of friends who have tried every hotel and tell you which ones are awesome and which ones to avoid.
  • Good Things:
    • Extensive database of user reviews.
    • Travel forums for community advice.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Some biased or outdated reviews.


  • Why it’s great: Hopper is like a fortune teller for prices. It predicts if prices will go up or down and helps you save money.
  • Think of it like: It’s like having a buddy who can see into the future and tells you the best time to book your hotel to get the best deal.
  • Good Things:
    • Price predictions for informed bookings.
    • Personalized recommendations.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Limited to flight and hotel bookings.


  • Why it’s great: Agoda is your go-to for Asia-Pacific deals. It has a rewards program, and people like how easy it is to use.
  • Think of it like: It’s like your travel expert for Asia-Pacific – it knows all the best spots and rewards you for exploring.
  • Good Things:
    • Specialized in Asia-Pacific deals.
    • Robust rewards program.
  • Not-so-Good Things:
    • Limited presence in other regions.


  1. Why it’s great: HotelTonight is perfect if you decide to go on a trip right now. It gives you awesome last-minute deals.
    • Think of it like this: It’s like a superhero for spontaneous trips – you decide to go, and it finds you a great hotel deal in a snap.
    • Good Things:
      • Great for last-minute deals.
      • Sleek and user-friendly interface.
    • Not-so-Good Things:
      • Limited in terms of advanced booking options.

Here are the 50 Best apps to compare hotel prices for 2024

RankApp NamePlatformKey FeaturesUser Ratings (as of last update)
1Booking.comiOS, Android, WebExtensive hotel listings, free cancellation options, user reviews4.7/5 (iOS), 4.5/5 (Android)
2ExpediaiOS, Android, WebBundle deals (flight + hotel), loyalty program, user reviews4.8/5 (iOS), 4.4/5 (Android)
3Hotels.comiOS, Android, WebRewards program (stay 10 nights, get 1 free), last-minute deals4.7/5 (iOS), 4.5/5 (Android)
4TrivagoiOS, Android, WebMeta-search engine, compares prices from multiple platforms4.5/5 (iOS), 4.2/5 (Android)
5KayakiOS, Android, WebComprehensive search, price alerts, explore feature4.7/5 (iOS), 4.5/5 (Android)
6Google TraveliOS, Android, WebAll-in-one travel planning, price insights, map integration4.7/5 (iOS), 4.5/5 (Android)
7TripAdvisoriOS, Android, WebUser reviews, hotel ratings, travel forums4.8/5 (iOS), 4.4/5 (Android)
8HopperiOS, AndroidPredicts future prices, price alerts, booking recommendations4.7/5 (iOS), 4.5/5 (Android)
9AgodaiOS, Android, WebDeals for Asia-Pacific region, rewards program, user reviews4.7/5 (iOS), 4.5/5 (Android)
10HotelTonightiOS, Android, WebLast-minute deals, daily discounts, sleek interface4.8/5 (iOS), 4.5/5 (Android)
11SkyscanneriOS, Android, WebUser-friendly interface, compares hotel prices across platformsVaries
12OrbitziOS, Android, WebBundle deals, loyalty rewards, side-by-side hotel comparisonsVaries
13TravelocityiOS, Android, WebPrice match guarantee, comprehensive hotel comparisonsVaries
14PricelineiOS, Android, WebName Your Own Price, Express Deals for last-minute savingsVaries
15AirbnbiOS, Android, WebUnique lodging options, price transparency, user reviewsVaries
16MomondoiOS, Android, WebMeta-search engine, clean interface, hotel price comparisonsVaries
17HotwireiOS, Android, WebHot Rate Hotels, detailed hotel comparisonsVaries
18HomeAwayiOS, Android, WebVacation rentals, side-by-side comparisons, user reviewsVaries
19Lastminute.comiOS, Android, WebLast-minute deals, user-friendly interface, price alertsVaries
20Expedia CruisesiOS, AndroidCruise and hotel package comparisons, loyalty rewardsVaries, Android, WebAustralian-based, exclusive dealsVaries
22CheapTicketsiOS, AndroidMembers-only discounts, easy hotel price comparisonsVaries
23WotifiOS, Android, WebAustralian-based, package deals, straightforward comparisonsVaries
24YelpiOS, Android, WebUser reviews, ratings, local hotel price comparisonsVaries
25TravelzooiOS, Android, WebExclusive deals, comprehensive hotel comparisonsVaries

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